Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing with Pike Creek Mortgage

Pike Creek Mortgage Consultants are true experts with your best interest in mind and will help you find the best refinance option to meet your needs. Get Started or speak with one of our experts, by calling (302) 892-2811.

Why Refinance?

  • To lower your monthly payment
    • Rates are still near historic lows and a large percentage of current mortgage holders could save money every month with a mortgage refinance.
  • To pay off their home loan in a shorter period
    • With the current low refinance rates, you may be able to switch your loan term from a 30 year mortgage to a 15 year or shorter mortgage.
  • To pay off other higher interest rate debt or use the money for another purpose
    • A cash out refinance allows you to free up some of the equity you have in your home for a home renovation, to send a child to college, or something else important to you. If you have high interest credit card or other debt you could save money every month by paying it off and then paying a low mortgage refinance rate instead.

Whatever your motivation for refinancing you can count on us at Pike Creek Mortgage to be your partner in your transaction. Our rates, excellent service, and professionalism set us apart from the competition. Call Pike Creek Mortgage today at (302) 892-2811 to discuss your mortgage refinance and you could be saving money next month!

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